Andrew Manson, the founder of Manson Images, has a formal education in architecture, design and visual media. After completing his undergraduate dissertation on the photography of architecture, he established, what is now, an international architectural photography service. His specialisation in the photography of Architecture and Interior Design allows him to apply his Architect's eye to this demanding field of photography and to create both visually alluring and accurate photographic records of contemporary architecture.

Andrew Manson: Artist's Statement

My camera is the key to my expression and the first incarnation is a photograph but from then on my artwork becomes something else. The boundlessness of the digital photography medium goes beyond that of the initial exposure and it deserves to be liberated. I aim to free digital photography into a realm of digital media. There is rectitude within the craft of digital media which is undertaken by dedicated and passionate artists of great skill and knowledge. My passion is creating captivating images.

Like most artists my process starts with an idea; a vision. In my mind's eye I visualise a concept. The process of creation then begins. My images start with the real and this tangible sense is maintained through to the fruition of the creation. I get pleasure from capturing something of true beauty and refining its visual presence into an image which is breathtaking. I aspire to have people linger in front of my images because there is a magnetism which captivates the viewer's imagination.

All of my images are initially captured using digital SLR cameras in a variety of settings from within my photographic studio, to on location. It is within these moments that a spark is ignited. Using cutting edge digital manipulation software I endeavor to stoke this spark into a bright luminance of visual experience. In my mind, the brighter I can make an image shine, the more people will be drawn.

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